Bootcamp for Talents of Social Innovation 2023 + Study Tour to South Korea

Bridging Cultures, Fostering Innovation: BESGO’s South Korea Study Tour

BESGO recently pioneered an enriching study tour to South Korea, underscoring its commitment to practical learning in social innovation. In December 2023, a group of CUHK students ventured to Seoul for an unparalleled experience in social innovation and cross-cultural exchange.

Pre-Tour lectures & workshops

Before departing for Seoul, enriching pre-tour lectures and workshops at CUHK initiated the whole activity. By focusing on the principles of social innovation and social entrepreneurship. BESGO and SVhk co-arranged complementary site visits to Hong Kong’s social enterprises like Dream Impact, Onebite Studio, Comm on, and RIP 88, provided practical insights. These experiences equipped students with a solid understanding of local social enterprise development, setting a comparative framework for the innovative models they would encounter in Seoul.

Engagement at Hanyang University

Our study tour was co-organised with Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) Korea Next Impact Team and Hanyang University, an institution renowned for its leadership in social innovation education. Our students participated in a lecture and discussion on social innovation in South Korea, gaining insights into the country’s approach to integrating business with societal improvement.

Learning Through Experience

The itinerary, carefully curated to maximize exposure to innovative practices, included visits to Heyground and the Seoul Upcycling Plaza, offering students a firsthand look at how established companies and social enterprises alike are driving change. Workshops and discussions with local social entrepreneurs enriched the students’ understanding of the tangible impact of social ventures.

Cultural Exploration

Cultural activities were integral to the tour, with visits to D-Museum and Hyundai Motor Studio, providing a broader context of South Korea’s rich heritage and contemporary social dynamics.

Reflection and Connection

Students also had the opportunity to interact with peers from Hanyang University, allowing for a vibrant cultural exchange and the development of an international network of like-minded individuals.


The study tour to South Korea was more than an academic trip; it was a journey of discovery and inspiration. As students engaged with the concepts of social responsibility firsthand, they returned as leaders of change, ready to apply their enriched knowledge within their communities and beyond.