ESG and Corporate Sustainability 大企業的可持續發展—金融人的足跡

What pops up in your mind when you hear about big corporations? Unreachable? High entry barrier? Do you know what directions they are heading for nowadays? A key element is sustainability, which has quickly become the main focus in the long-term strategies of different corporations all across the world. The way in balancing the welfare of environment, social and governance is known as ESG developments, a new trend for all businesses to follow in this new world. Inti Wong, currently working in Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Group (CTF) as an Associate Director of Finance & Governance, is advocating the principles of ESG, as well as the practices of it, into the company’s longer-term plan. She has been advocating the integration of ESG principles and practices with the Company’s long-term development plan in order to create risk-optimized value to its stakeholders. As the idea is pretty new to the business world, Inti is a pioneer and ESG practitioner. How did she get into ESG, and how would she promote sustainable development in big corporates?