The project ‘Business Education for Social Good’ focuses on three interrelated areas: social innovation, social enterprise, and business with social good strategies. Specifically, the project aims to 1) raise student’s awareness on various social needs and challenges, including welfare of various underprivileged and disadvantaged groups; 2) Deepen student’s understanding on social innovation, social enterprise and business with social good strategies, and how they address social needs and be a force for good; and 3) Encourage students to participate in activities with positive social impacts.

Students will develop a structural and holistic understanding of the issue via a series of training workshops, learn directly from social change-makers in talks and firm / social enterprise visits, and finally conduct a research case study under the supervision of a business faculty member or a practitioner in the field.

The project contributes to the University’s theme of Global Citizenship and Social Enterprisingness, Contribution to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals, Internationalization at Home, and Engagement of Students as Partners in Curriculum and Teaching and Learning Development.