The Summer Global Studies Series (SGS) 2024─”Navigating Sustainability and Technology”


The Summer Global Studies Series (SGS) 2024, organized by the CUHK Business School and Business Education for Social Good (BESGO), CUHK, aims to bring together students from the Asia-Pacific region, offering an opportunity for cultural and academic enrichment. Through a series of interactive workshops and insightful case studies, participants will delve deep into the realms of sustainability and technology.

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach, SGS 2024 combines workshops, case studies, and firm visits to explore the intricate relationship between sustainability and technological advancements. The program seeks to broaden the horizons of students and to contribute to the global discourse on these critical topics.

By integrating hands-on learning experiences, theoretical knowledge, and real-world applications, SGS 2024 empowers students to become catalysts for positive change. Participants will gain invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities presented by the intersection of sustainability and technology, equipping them with the necessary tools to navigate an ever-evolving global landscape.

Key Theme

Sustainability and Technology


The series begins with workshops focusing on understanding the concept of creating shared value (CSV) and business sustainability. These sessions, led by university professors and experts from Shared Value Initiative Hong Kong (SVIHK), are designed to equip participants with the analytical tools and ethical frameworks essential for addressing complex global challenges.

Immersive Learning Experiences

Beyond the classroom, SGS 2024 offers experiential learning opportunities, including a campus tour and local firm visits. These activities aim to connect theoretical knowledge with real-world applications, inspiring innovative thinking.


Tentative schedule:

Date: 21/7/2024(Day 0) – 26/7/2024(Day 5)

 A.M (09:30-12:30)P.M (14:30-17:30)
Day 0 (21/7)Check-in
Day 1 (22/7)– Opening Ceremony
– Workshop 1: Business Case Analysis
Workshop 2: Shared Value & Sustainability, by SVIHK
Day 2 (23/7)Workshop 3: Shared Value & Sustainability, by SVIHK  – Campus Tour
– Firm Visit: HKSTP
– Case Topic Release
Day 3 (24/7)Workshop 4: Sustainable Business Practice, by Dr. Hoe Chin GOI (NUCB)Case Preparation
Day 4 (25/7)– Case Presentation
– Award Presentation
– Closing Ceremony
Cultural Visit
Day 5 (26/7)Check-out

* The schedule is tentative and subject to change.

For enquiry, please contact Ms. Esther Tam at or Mr. Barry Ma at .

Join us at SGS 2024 to embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and global citizenship. Together, we can contribute to a better future for all.

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