Driving Social Purpose through Innovative Business Education

In a dynamic world where business and society intertwine, the role of innovative business education takes center stage in shaping a brighter future. Dr. Fred Ku, the Programme Director of BESGO, shares his insights and expertise in a captivating interview hosted by CUHK Business School.

Dr. Ku’s interview delves into the transformative power of business education in fostering a strong sense of social purpose among aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders. Through his wealth of experience, he illuminates the crucial intersection of innovative business strategies and the greater societal good, emphasizing how these forces can drive positive change and create lasting impact.

This engaging dialogue showcases Dr. Ku’s forward-thinking approach to education, shedding light on how he empowers students to embrace innovation as a means to address pressing global challenges. His guidance extends beyond conventional business models, encouraging the adoption of creative and sustainable solutions that resonate with the needs of our ever-evolving world.

Dr. Ku’s commitment extends beyond the classroom. He co-founded the Young Economist Scheme (YES), inspiring students to contribute to social purpose and educational equity. Initiatives like Business Education for Social Good (BESGO) exemplify his dedication to instill a sense of societal responsibility in his students.

As an advocate for reshaping business education, Dr. Ku’s insights in this interview resonate as a rallying call to harness the potential of innovation, entrepreneurship, and social consciousness. Join us in exploring the dynamic landscape of business education, guided by the wisdom and vision of Dr. Fred Ku, and discover how together we can drive towards a future where purpose-driven business leaders catalyze positive change on a global scale.

If you are interested, please read the original interview with Dr. Fred Ku at this link.

在商業與社會緊密交織的世界中,創新教育,是為商界塑造光明未來的重要角色。古紀達博士,BESGO(Business Education for Social Good)的計劃總監,在香港中文大學商學院主辦的訪談中,分享了他的獨到見解和專業知識。


古博士的貢獻和抱負,並不局限於校園。他與中大決策科學及管理經濟學系的馮家耀教授,共同創辦了「青年經濟學人計劃」(Youth Economists Scheme, Y.E.S),鼓勵學生履行社會責任,同時促進教育公平。同時,他更成立了BESGO(Business Education for Social Good)這個平台,專門推廣創造共享價值、企業社會責任、社會企業等方面,致力推行社會創新的商業管理教育。



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