Soap Cycling 再皂福

Have you every wondered what magic a piece of soap can do? Why does it matter to us? Soap Cycling, a Hong Kong-based charity that recycles used soap for re-distribution, demonstrates by their actions that used soap can be safe to use, eco-friendly and even life-saving. In the following video, a piece of recycled soap will walk us through its journey of transformation. Let’s explore the value of recycling soap through the soap’s story and the accompanying poster.

你有想像過一片肥皂會有什麼神奇力量嗎? 對我們有什麼意義? 再皂福是一間香港慈善機構,致力於肥皂的回收再利用事業。再皂福展示了用過的肥皂是可以被安全使用,而且可以推動環保。以下的影片將由一片回收肥皂介紹其轉化過程。事不宜遲,馬上去片!